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Report and Results from the 2014 Youth Band Festival

(January 27, 2014)

Report & Results: 2014 Wessex BBA: Youth/Training Band Contest                    27-Jan-2014 Andover Band lead the way at the recent Wessex Brass Band Association Contest in Downton.


The Wessex Brass Band Association in conjunction with the Royal Marines, held their Youth and Training Band Festival on Saturday 25th January at the Trafalgar School, Downton near Salisbury.


The adjudicator for the day was Dr Chris Davis OBE, who certainly enjoyed the music making provided by the competitors.

He told the audience: "Having just listened to 15 youth and training bands of all ages, it has been a joy and a day of competitive brass music making of the finest order.

It seemed to me that the younger they were, the less fear the players showed; I guess that takes years of experience to develop?

Clearly bands had worked hard in a relatively short period of time to produce programmes of music which demonstrated their quality of ensemble playing together with their ability to entertain."

Full hall

The main auditorium was full of supporters and players alike throughout the day, combining to produce an encouraging atmosphere.

Meanwhile, the results were greeted with genuine applause and congratulations, taken in the spirit of friendly competition.

Andover success

It certainly proved to be a great day for Andover Town Band as their youth and training bands picked up all the top prizes.

The organization entered a youth band, youth ensemble and training band, all of which emerged with first prizes, whilst their seventeen year old flugel player Johanna Walukiewicz and tuba player Lauren Gibbs also received trophies.

Andover Town Band MD Steve Large told 4BR: "If the performances on Saturday from all the bands who took part are anything to go by, the future of brass banding in Andover, Hampshire and all of Wessex is safe."


He added: "It was a real festival of entertainment and musical talent. I'm so proud of Andover's teenage, and younger, stars. They played so well, having worked so hard since Christmas to polish our programme.

Andover retailers had better get in extra supplies of silver polish because we've brought a whole load of trophies home!"   


'Having just listened to 15 youth and training bands of all ages, it has been a joy and a day of competitive brass music making of the finest order'
~ Chris Davis OBE


Training Section: 1. Andover Town 2. Great Western Youth

Training Ensemble: 1. Andover Town 2. Vectic Brass Youth

Youth Section: 1. Andover Town 2. Verwood Youth
Best Bass Section: Andover

Gold Awards: Andover Training, Great Western Youth, Andover Training (Ensemble), Vectis Youth (B), Andover Youth, flugel (Great Western), Flugel (Andove Youth, Flugel (Vrwood Youth).

Silver Awards: Gillingham Training, Vectis Brass, Verwood Concert Bronze Awards: Bridge Brass Training

Youngest Instrumentalist: Rowan Powis (Verwood Youth) Best Performance of a Hymn Tune: Great Western Youth Best Deportment: Great Western Youth
Best Instrumentalist in either sections: Emma Graves (cornet) - Verwood Youth

The Leighton Rich Hampshire Youth Cup for the best overall band: Andover Training

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