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Wessex Brass Band Association 

2019 ‘OPEN Contest’

Aim:For all Bands of the Wessex Brass Band Association to enter an “OPEN” Contest on Saturday, 30th  November, 2019.

Location:      Poole High School, Wimborne Road, Poole, BH15 2BW

Outline of Contest:

Each band will enter under its recognized National grading and play an own choice test piece, a march or 2 verses of a hymn tune, suitable to its National grading. A band may decide to play a test piece of a higher National grading, however they will be judged in the Section that they are Nationally graded, not the Section of the selected test piece.

The bands playing position will be pre-drawn and will play continually one after another (perhaps with a short comfort break for the Adjudicator). This means that there is a strong possibility of bands being followed / preceded by a band in a different National grading section. Please keep the test piece to a maximum of 16 minutes per band.

The ‘Wessex Band of the Year’ will be the overall winner of the competition; however this is not dependent on the section they are graded in. There will be prizes for each individual band as section winners and a special award for the best march played throughout the day. This format does give the opportunity for lower section bands to take the ‘scalps’ of higher graded bands, making for an interesting and competitive days music making.


The Wessex Committee has decided for the 2019 contest to continue with a competition with no registry. This will mean that players with or without registry affiliation will be eligible to play on the day. All that we require from competing bands is a list of those performing 2 weeks before the contest date (10/11/19); this is simply to confirm those that are competing. This amendment, we believe is a way of encouraging inclusion, rather than the negative exclusion which seems to be prevalent within the movement in which we all belong. It is hoped that bands will take onboard this new system in a positive way, accepting the premise in all good faith, with integrity and with the necessary respect shown to other competing bands. 


Adjudication will be in an Open Format.  A written copy of each adjudicators comments will also be available.


Each band must furnish a score of their Test-piece and March (Should they so wish) for the adjudicator. Unapproved photocopies of published scores will not be accepted and disqualification will occur if this is contravened. Copies of unmarked scores are to be sent to Steve Chislett by 20th October 2019.

  • The adjudicators decision will be final - no appeals will be allowed
  • It is hoped to provide some percussion although this is not guaranteed this year. Bands will be notified at a later date, what if any percussion will be provided.
  • All bands shall be members of the association and will not be allowed to compete unless the £25 association fee has been paid with the entry form.

 Contest Rules